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Shrubbing or to shrub. The act of a woman rubbing ones cliterous whilst taking a shit, thus encouraging both pleasure sensations to occur simultaneously.
He could no longer please his woman because she had mastered the art of shrubbing.

Henry bangs on the bathroom door, 'Elizabeth, what the fuck are you doing? I'm desperate for a shank! To which she replies, 'fuck off Henry, I'm trying to shrub one off in here!'

Kevin says to his girlfriend, 'no shrubbing allowed in bed, I'm not cleaning that up again.'
by 7up n Cider April 05, 2017
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A type of bush that is grown usually outside homes and offices.

The most popular, and most descriptive nickname for our current President, who has just as much intelligence as the type of bush described above.
Shrub is an accurate description of the President.

See also: Bush, George W.
by jesster79 January 18, 2006
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1. George Shrubya Bush.
2. A shrub in the White House that needs to be uprooted and sent back to Texas
The shrub has ruined my life and the lives of my postdecessors.
by rise up rise against June 21, 2004
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an absoulte loser.
-you see big rons new roommate?

-yea dude i heard hes a complete shrub!! this sucks!!!
by RB92 August 17, 2011
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