A bushism presumed to mean "to seriously under-estimate".
They misunderestimate me!

We misunderestimated the President's ability to butcher the English language.
by Kieran Bennett November 21, 2005
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v. t. 1. To underestimate but not sufficiently. To know that something is bad or inadequate, or dangerous, or evil but to not take nearly seriously enough the badness, inadequacy, danger or evil thereof.
'When you said I was a bad President, you misunderestimated me.'
by drblove January 16, 2009
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To fail to adequately lower expectations. Accidentally coined by George W. Bush. See bushism.
We have seriously misunderestimated the effects of a Bush presidency -- they were far worse than anyone ever expected.
by AlyssaMarie May 15, 2008
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It's one of the few good things ever came out of George W.Bush.
Dude 1: don't you ever misunderestimate me.
Dude 2: where the hell did you get that word from?
Dude 1: Oh, Bush said it the other day after he got a shoe thrown at him.
by ALAN tq September 24, 2009
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To mistakenly underestimate. Means that you misunderstood something so poorly that you completely underestimated it, realizing later that it was a dire, but likely preventable (had you fully understood the situation), mistake.
by jsday187 January 4, 2011
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A word made up by one of the biggest fucking idiots this world has ever seen.
G.W. Bush's wife misunderestimated the size of my load, and choked and died.
by j valentine August 25, 2007
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