A big, evil corporation hell bent on world domination, lead by Satan himself, Bill Gates - Multi Billionaire/prince of darkness. Headquaters in Seattle/Hell.
"Hey, what do you think of Microsoft?"

"oh, you mean the company that promotes EVIL?"
by JustinFromAus August 10, 2006
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Noun: describes the state of a severe reduction in size and state of readiness of the male member due to a severe reaction to an unpleasant looking female.

Verb: to severely reduce in size and state of readiness the male member due to an adverse reaction to an unpleasant looking female.
I saw a girl last night that was so ugly she gave me an instant microsoft.

Boy, after going home with her after the disco and a few bevvies I woke up sober, looked at her and instantly microsofted!
by Gary from Italy October 14, 2007
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An enlightened company that is try to standardize software program interfaces to reduce training time while also providing useful and powerful applications.
Windows NT should replace linux servers everywhere. Maybe than you wouldn't have to be a l33t h4x0r just to install a program.
by The man October 8, 2002
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Expensive, disapointing, failing to perform correctly. High maintenance and unreliable.
Jonny Consumer:' Aw shit I spent all my money on this and its turned out to be a buch of Microsoft!'

Billy Consumer: 'Twat!'
by PicaPica November 17, 2009
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satan, nuff said, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs too (apple isnt exempt)
who microsoft wants YOU to serve

wow, microsoft is satan, im switching to linux
by Knockout Ned January 11, 2006
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inability of a designer to maintain an erection sufficient for satisfying creative desires, most often relating to powerpoint.
Powerpoint is giving me such a microsoft
by RGBeast April 25, 2016
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A group of neo-nazis worshipping al malfunctioning stereo. A.K.A. My heroes.
Microsoft cant be bad......look at the freaking money they've made!
by Jason March 19, 2005
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