a word used to describe your penis.
arto's dick is just microsoft!!!
by toudi January 30, 2008
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a old group whos only hope of staying in buisness is the xbox. this company is run by are gay i think jew friend, Bill Gates. this man thinks is what us ghetto people call "chalk" for he may have money but has no one that likes him. In our morden day Nazi, racis people, and our crapy economy he has been forgoten.


by sexyshakertheodore December 21, 2010
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A slur word against windows and any other Microsoft services users
Hahaha, he must be a Microsoft, he uses windows!
by ManOfDiamond September 4, 2022
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A large terrorist organisation, hell bent on producing software that crashes and works slowly. Some of their more evil tactics over the years include waiting until just before you click the save button to make the screen go all blue for no reason, but more subtle tactics include waiting until you start to work, then annoying you with a sodding paper clip.
Josh: "I'll just get on with some work..."
Microsoft Paperclip: "Hello!"
Josh: *I'll just ignore him, and he'll go away*.... *starts to type*
Microsoft Paperclip: "Do you want to write a letter?"
Josh: "No."
Microsoft Paperclip: "Okay, do you need some help with that?"
*clicks on hide, paperclip dissapears*...*begins to work...*

... 2 minutes pass ...

Microsoft Paperclip: "Hello!"
by RICCARD October 9, 2005
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An obvius copy of Macrohard, which Bill Gates stole the disk of while I was sleeping. He also copied my program Doors, and renamed it Windows.
Me: *sleeping*
Bill Gates: I'll just take this disk... *yoink*
Me: You, come back here right now, or I will personally come all the way over there and call Ronald F***ing McDonald to kick you in the nuts!
Bill Gates: hehehe *escapes* I'll just change the name to Microsoft, and this program to Windows, and no one will ever know!!!! WAHAHAHA!!!!
Me: Cheap B******!
by sum-dude March 22, 2005
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Used when someone gets wrecked hard. First brought about at E3 2013 when Sony destroyed Microsoft at the expo. Typical usage includes: trash talking in online games, trash talking in real life, describing someone's final grades, etc
Dude A: -goes 0-13 in CoD-
Dude B: "Dude, you got microsofted so hard"
Dude A: "Fuck you"
by Dinged June 17, 2013
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An inferior product that is out to rule the world.
Microsoft's plans for building a death star device was shut down by officepax.
by MS SUX July 20, 2005
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