100 definitions by The man

a promiscuiously dressed girl. usually very good looking with an excellent posterior. also, easy going, and fun to be with
that emerelds hot!!!
by The man June 28, 2003
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the smallest boobs know to man
the boob are so small that look like a guy
monica's boobs are so small she looks like a man wit those A plus booobs
by The man November 26, 2003
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one of those cheese sticks that u get at the grocery store that look like a frickin dildo
hey mom could you pick me up some of those cheese penises from the store while your out im really hungry.
by The man March 15, 2004
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a sharp poke or goose in the anus
ouch that cob hurt!
by The man December 15, 1999
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One Who Generally Can't Stop Pissing The Fuck Outta You. Also Is Usually Dumb Ass Shit.
Jackson is a stupid ass Cock Bite.
Jackson is a Cock Biting Fuck Tard.
by The man January 6, 2005
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one who swaggles cock. (to gargle penis, or choke on dick)
Dammit eminem, stop being such a damn cock swaggler
by The man March 12, 2003
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