Manny's are THE most amazing, sexy, hot and nice guys ever. They won't think like most men. When a woman wants something he has a hell of a way to make her happy with something better. Manny's are the ladies man. When he goes out every girl on the block knows him. He is amazingly romantic and you cannot say anything else, they are also funny as hell. Manny's are everyones friend.
Guy 1: I fucking love that dude, hes too funny

Guy 2: Must be Manny

by AREINTBRO February 19, 2011
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To be great at everything without trying. To Be who everyone wants to be. To say what you say and do what you do and have no one be able to do shit about it
I Must be Manny because everyone just got real scared when i walked in.
by Number 28 March 24, 2009
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A nickname for Manuel and sometimes Emanuel. Most common in latino males.
His real name is Manuel, but everybody calls him Manny.
by tu sabes April 25, 2007
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Manny is a cute, funny, and sweet guy. He is very social and has lots of friend, but when it comes to social gatherings, he prefers to stay at home. Mostly all the girls had a crush on Manny at one point. He cracks jokes all the time to stop things from becoming awkward. When you first meet him, you might mistake him for dumb, but you will later on see that he is actually pretty smart. Hes a sweetheart, and acts like he's not athletic, when in reality he's one of the most athletic people you know. He likes comic books, and secretly is a complete nerd, but no one knows it.
I like Manny.
by On_Your_Left February 18, 2019
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Someone who is sexy and will not hesitate to cheat with your wife. A manny may often be depicted as muscular man with a large penis and a nice ass
Manny was yet again accused of cheating with Billy
's wife.
by definerofwordsandstuff September 12, 2017
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