Manny's are THE most amazing, sexy, hot and nice guys ever. They won't think like most men. When a woman wants something he has a hell of a way to make her happy with something better. Manny's are the ladies man. When he goes out every girl on the block knows him. He is amazingly romantic and you cannot say anything else, they are also funny as hell. Manny's are everyones friend.
Guy 1: I fucking love that dude, hes too funny

Guy 2: Must be Manny

by AREINTBRO February 19, 2011
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To be great at everything without trying. To Be who everyone wants to be. To say what you say and do what you do and have no one be able to do shit about it
I Must be Manny because everyone just got real scared when i walked in.
by Number 28 March 24, 2009
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A nickname for Manuel and sometimes Emanuel. Most common in latino males.
His real name is Manuel, but everybody calls him Manny.
by tu sabes April 25, 2007
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manny is short for manuel is english speaking countries. Ussually they have georgeous eyes.
hey manny wutsup?, you have such pretty eyes.
by NatNewYork=) January 25, 2007
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cute , hot , not a player Always puts a smile on someones face , All the girls including lenna gets the fireflies when she talks to him . hes a prince , and a little monster raraaa <3
by bean burritoe March 06, 2010
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