Takes ten or more years to finish a project or task
The bike is a real mickey , This job is a real mickey
by Petie2894 April 24, 2016
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This crazy girl who goes out for everything and has huge balls. Loves her friends and can be crazy at times. Known for her high soprano voice and has plenty of haters. Loves music in every form but techno and is totally random. Will go to the ends of the earth for those she loves.
Yo, did you see Mickey at the Seussical auditions? That bitch can sing!
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one of the "Finest" malt liquor out there it has that smooth feeling from first gulp to last it comes in tall cans and 40 oz. and has a dope ass mascot

it the breast milk of the Irish goddesses
What do you want to drink?

Mickey's on the rocks Ooh Yeeeaa!!
by Suicidal Alcazar July 24, 2009
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Mickey is the most handsome, amazing, nice, sweet, kind-hearted, cute,innocent, funny guy ever. He’s a gentleman and will make your heart beat x10 faster. If you’re cold he will give you his sweatshirt, and you can be yourself around him. He doesn’t care if you’re cool and he’s a total sweetheart. I love him
Person: Ugh i could really use a Mickey to cheer me up...
by Yeezy🕊 February 09, 2018
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Outrageous and colorful style; hence the cartoon reference.
Yo, look at all those colors on the new Jordans. Those is straight mickey!


I can't just rock something plain like all black tonight, I gotta get mickey to let them know I'm there to party!
by Copythatagentk February 10, 2011
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(Noun) The most dearly loved person in your life. Your best friend. Your little spoon. Your soulmate. Your number 1.

Derived from Mickett
"Mickey, do you remember the first time we met and we said we'd give up everything we had and buy a boat and sail to South America."

"I'd still give up everything for you, Mickey."

by stanleymilan September 24, 2007
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