Not real, invalid, fake, undeserving, lacking true value or merit, essentially an award or title given unfairly or unworthily. Commonly used by Twitter trolls to disvalue an award or championship mainly in sports. Originated from the NBA bubble taking place in Disney World.
EPSN: Lebron James won his fourth title with the Los Angeles Lakers!
Twitter Troll #1: Mickey mouse championship
Twitter Troll #2: L + ratio, not a real win in my book, mickey mouse ring
by Aspergis June 07, 2021
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to pull someones ears and then slap them immediately upon letting go
jake: dude, you're ears look swollen as fuck, what happened?

todd: that asshole at the candy store mickey mouse'd me for my gummi bears
by scotty brownknees January 04, 2010
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the method of fixing a broken cigarette by inserting the broken piece back into the filter side of the cigarette.
this cig is broke, so you'll have to mickey mouse it.
by Pandasmooth March 06, 2011
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when a guys "tit dirt" stains his shirt
(tourettes guy)
"is that a mickey mouse t-shirt?"
"what the fuck are you talking about?"
"well his ears there...his ears & theres his face"
"thats not mickey mouse thats just tit dirt"
by January 31, 2008
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A horny mouse that malest childen when their parent's look away.
Watch out for mickey mouse.
by mintyhippo October 16, 2010
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