4 definitions by senna_trem

"Did you hear what she just said? She sure took the mickey out of him!"
by senna_trem May 31, 2005
The chicken burgers that Wendy's makes, usually reffering to the spicy chicken burger. Any food from Wendy's can be reffered to as crack. The slang comes from the addictive quality of Wendy's food.
"Lets go and get some crack chicken, I'm going into withdrawal!"
"Good idea... so addictive."
by senna_trem September 11, 2005
Short for the convienience store, Seven-11.
"Want to go to Sev and get a slushie?"
"Sure, but you're paying."
by senna_trem September 15, 2005
This is the real definition... It's a sexual position. The woman pushes her back and butt completly off the ground using her arm and legs, kind of like crab-walking or like when you do the bridge in gymnastics. The guy does the same thing, but facing down when they make love.

I heard the Italians love it because it burns a lot of calories.
The Italian Chandelier Position is great for burning calories.
by senna_trem September 16, 2005