A person who takes other peoples belongings from their pocket, purse, or any other place on their body. These people only see purses and wallets, not faces. They also don't see "stealing" as bad, they see it as teaching other people to keep track of their belongings.
A pickpocket discuized as a bussiness man rushing to work walked by a woman and bumped and swooped her pocketbook from her purse.
by Beans Tagg May 25, 2008
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Discovering the "pickpocket" among rock bands killed by rap... what a delightful discovery.
by entryreader July 14, 2021
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The act of stealing one's guitar picks. Term can be used in general stealing, or more specifically-stealing from another one's pocket.
There are usually a vast amount of pickpocketers (those who 'pickpocket') at your local Long and McQuade Music Store.

My stupid friend pickpocketed (past tense of 'pickpocket') me the other day...now I have to finger pick. DAMMIT!

Next time I marmalade (See "Marmalade"), I hope nobody pickpockets me!
by altothevin January 4, 2010
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Someone who takes/steals other people's belongings or valuables!
What's the difference between a pickpocket and a peeping Tom?

A pickpocket snatches watches!
by Arbitrator May 2, 2017
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A man, doing a chick doggy-style, puts his dick in her ass, and then back into her box, without the chick noticing, and without losing rythem.
"I'm so glad that hooker didn't notice I stuck it in her ass last night. it would have cost me an extra 100 dollars. That's what I call a pickpocket."
by BraskaMan December 6, 2009
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A slang term for daytraders. It means a loss that you didn’t notice because you were distracted.
Person: “God these lunchtime pickpockets fuck you over
by PhilMcCrack November 12, 2021
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The act of stealing an Afro pick from a black person's Afro, without them realizing it.
Jermaine: Where did you get that Afro pick?

Jeff: I Afro pickpocketed that black guy Jerome at the Clippers game.
by Pickpocketed April 1, 2014
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