A shitty passer than runs better than a lot of backs.
Well, Mike Vick got picked off five times, but he ran for 137 yards in today's game.
by azrael February 17, 2005
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The ability to earn approximately 100 million dollars over 10 years for slightly less than one touchdown pass per week and slightly more than one spectacular run every week.

Alternate definition: The ability to have the man in charge(e.g.,Arthur Blank, Falcons owner)so infatuated with you he develops a schoolboy crush and gives you said 100 million dollars.
Bill doesn't know how to do his job, but he makes the CEO laugh, so he "Vicked" that promotion.
by whitemale_98 December 30, 2004
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The most overrated quarterback in the NFL. Everybody kisses his ass so much it makes every Falcons game unwatchable. Very inaccurate, throws the ball so hard it's impossible to catch with just your hands. Despite his speed, he is the most sacked quarterback in the NFL.
Did you see Vick get creamed by Buckner and he fumbled the ball to Peppers who ran it for a touchdown? That was a nice play.
by Banane-Man February 01, 2005
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An Ex-NFL player who executed dogs with a bunch of his wankster friends. He used to play for the Atlanta Falcons, where he showed amazing talent, but was too stupid to know how to play quarterback. He is now scrutinized by many around America, but the black people in the inner city of Atlanta seem to feel sorry for him. This is probably due to the lack of education and common sense among black people.
Al Sharpton gave Michael Vick a blowjob during an NAACP meeting.
by taharris August 24, 2007
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Not your normal everyday type of Monkey Nigger. This offshoot breed is very specific consisting of just one individual with a distinct homogeneous(not to be confused with Fag Nigger), appearance (phenotype), homogeneous behavior(dog abusing fucktard), and/or other characteristics that distinguish it from other Niggers of the same species. This specific breed is as fucking retarded and low as it gets, the main characteristics include, but are not limited to; using helpless animals, specifically dogs, as if they are not worthy of dignity or humane treatment, making large sums of money that would sustain multiple generations and within a few years winding up a broke ass nigger, spending said money on niggerish activities (i.e. dogfighting)...... This is the lowest form of any breed known to exist, and shouldn't be allowed to procreate in normal nigger fashion. It should be eradicated, not supported, endorsed or generally acknowledged as even being human. Simply put #FUCKmichaelvick, piece of shit dog abusing jiggaboo, monkey ass bitch!
What was the name of that Porch Monkey who used dogs to fight each other???

You're talking about that piece of shit Michael Vick, right?

Yeah, that's the dickless, low life porcher I was thinking about.
by Mikebird December 07, 2019
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1). The worst passer in the NFL. A quarterback who gets sympathy for losing to the Kansas City Chiefs 56-10 than the Chiefs get credit for setting a new rushing touchdown record

2). The idiot who had to try and show off in a preseason game, broke his leg, and cost Dan Reeves his job

3). The guy who supposedly gave herpes to a girl on purpose but ESPN and the NFL are trying to cover it up because Vick is a god and can do no wrong according to them

4). Quarterback whose coach is possibly the biggest idiot in the NFL and probably couldn't coach a flag football team to one win without Vick being there

5). Quarterback whose ass is the sole recipiant of ESPN's and the NFL's kisses
Michael Vick has one of the worst passer rating in the NFL.
by Josh May 05, 2005
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The combination of a good running back and an average quarterback. Also fumbles WAY too much.
Michael Vick is a good runner, but a so-so passer partly because of his subpar recievers.
by Tardy McTard February 04, 2005
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