Someone that pretends to be a ganster and tries to talk in gangster language and wear ganster clothes when the really don't know anything about being a ganster.
Dexter Yee, that wankster, said, "Fasho, yo, mo' fo'" when trying to impress Nick Honda, the gangster.
by happeekoikoikoi September 20, 2004
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gagnster wannabe.
that's not how you spell my name samuELLE! man, you're such a wankster!
by Anonymous April 1, 2003
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1) wanna be gangster

2) if you're from the new orleans metro area you know west bank cats as wanksters or maybe even wankers, from "the wank", or the West Bank. this can be negative or positive; many West Bank people indulge in being reffered to as such because they're reppin their hood (such as the way i like being called a honky or cracker because i'm proud of being white), on the other hand West Bank people are usually stereotyped as lower-class or just not as in style as the rest of us :-p
by shockley May 22, 2003
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A white person that thinks they're a gangster. They're really fucking annoying and listen to gay gangster rap. Wanksters will often say shit like "I am so gangster."
Reggie such a fucking wankster. He's whiter than I am, and I'm one white motherfucker.
by anonymous March 7, 2004
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yo wat up wankster

nutt a damn wankser hurr

yo iam going to kick yo ass shorty
by big_d October 13, 2003
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The white boy spelling of one of them "homies" who spends his time trying to act hard by getting hard. Usually looks like one of the Jacksons, Carlton Banks, Elby Jessie Hars, or a priest.
Mike: hey Jerry, check out that wankster on the other side of the playground!
Jerry: the one over by the swingset or the dude in the black and white robes over by the teeter totter?
Mike: dude, the guy by the swingset is wearing black robes and holding a bible!
Jerry: man, that's a wankster if I ever saw one! bibles aren't the only thing he holds!
by Moo Meow Mixa Homeslice July 15, 2010
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British slang. someone who jacks off on regular occasion.
" that wankster sits at home all day and does his stuff"
by deinfuhrer March 1, 2005
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