One of the best running quaterbacks in football history:

get's more rushing yards then most runningbacks

fast as shit and can juke out almost any body
"Yesterday Michal Vick rushed for 147 yards!"
by Andre January 17, 2005
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A former NFL quarterback (with the Atlanta Falcons), who basically had it made. He was getting way overpaid and doing a horrible job being quarterback. He was a much better than most running backs, wide receivers, etc. He was later caught dog fighting, which I'm still not sure why.

Me: "Did you here that Michael Vick got busted for dog fighting?"

Key: "Fo real? That nigga had it made!"
by MicahelVIckisdumb February 25, 2009
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aka superman
a quarterback for the falcons who is simply amazing. granted he doesnt have the greatest stats when it comes to passing but makes up for it with his running ability. falcons games are extremly exciting because of vick and skill with running the ball.
Ganstawitit Smith: did u see monday night football? Vick was a G with the ball.
Tom McTruG: I kno. Tell me why tedi bruschi tried to hold him. vick cut his ass up and jetted for a 45 yd TD.
Ganstawitit Smith: i kno i was buggin eyes almost left mah sockets.
by prince ingus March 31, 2005
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Yeah, he made his mistake. He got penalized, he changed. Philadelphia got over it, and helped him become a better football player. Even though he has apologized, proven himself, and everything else he could possibly do, people still havent forgiven him. Here in Philadelphia, we have forgotten his past, because we know he is a good person, productive, and a amazing asset to our beloved Eagles team.
Yes, 2011 was his down year due to injuries, and his lack of sliding. Its in his blood, to take charge, and run, but he gets injured too much, therefore he needs to, but just possibly cant. His down year may possibly be because desean jackson was having a down year too. DJacc is the eagles deep threat. He is a force to be reconed with, that is when he is playing on top of his game.
Michael Vick is a extroadinary person, off and on the field. People need to forgive and forget, like Philly has. He is an amazing asset to the Eagles, and to your fantasy team (;
"Tom- Hey did you see that Eagles game Thursday? Mike- Yeah, Michael Vick sure did save the game !"
"Who cares what he did in the past, his changed now.!"
by eaglesLover&Shit January 08, 2012
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An above average passer combined with a great runner equaling a good quarterback.
"Michael Vick is a pretty amazing quarterback!"
by me February 13, 2005
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An exceptionally talented athlete who gets a lot of heat for his poor accuracy and low touchdown numbers. However, what most people who do not understand is that Mike Vick is not an ordinary quarterback. Despite the fact that his passing numbers are indeed poor he still manages to win more games than the vast majority of other QBs in the league. His exceptional running ability has been a vital part of the Atlanta Falcon's running game that has ran over the league in the past 3 seasons.

Vick is known to have choked when it counted most but have also been known to change the direction of the game with a single play. In the end, his benefits greatly outdo his flaws as he brought his team out of the bottom of the league into one of the most powerful and exciting teams in the NFL.
Michael Vick receives the ball in shotgun formation and sticks it into Dunn's chest and then hestitates. The entire defense is completely frozen as they have no idea wether Vick will hand it off to Dunn who will zoom through his blocks, pass it downfield or run it himself on the outside.
by Xandbarg October 02, 2006
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AN incrediable threat to a defense. The most electrying player in the nfl today and is going to be become one of the top passers in the nfl
by dehd;ds August 26, 2005
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