In sport, the games prior to the season that aren't given any value. They are just played more as a warm-up to the actual points system season.
The off season's been so long, at least the preseason's started but that's still shit.
by coinroller December 28, 2007
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Also known as hell. No matter what sport you play the first week or so of preseason sucks.
"Get on the line!"

"Oh great we have some preseason sprints to do!"
by amerbamer August 17, 2013
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- Bro, it’s October 26 and you’re still pullin’ it like twice a day.
- So?
- It’s the No Nut November preseason. You ain’t gon’ be ready.
by findmeshittinatschool October 26, 2019
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When it's October and u are beating ur meat atleast 4 times a day in an effort in preparing yourself for no nut november
DON: I am beating atleast 2 times a day
JAKE: What why
DON: ITS no nut november preseason
by Sauceorloss September 30, 2020
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A euphemism for a person being pregnant, specifically referring to the unborn child.
Person 1: Do you think she's pregnant?
Person 2: Yeah she totally has a bun in preseason.
by SvenLeven November 22, 2020
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