1. To be in disarray, not in order.

2. A difficult situation. Not easy to resolve.

3. The point during a party or night out where things are officially out of control. Careless, drink-spilling-kebab-dropping wanton chaos. NOT just a few drinks down the pub.

4. The weekend of May 6th-8th, 2005, AKA Closing Weekend for Club Destiny (Bournemouth, UK). After carefully researching and experimenting messiness for their whole lives, the staff and patrons of Club Destiny have come together one last time for a weekend that will certainly stretch to new limits the definition of the term "messy"
1. "This room is messy jerold, clean it up at once!"

2. "It was a messy divorce..."

3. "Mate you should have come out last night. After the 4th round of aftershocks it started getting messy..."

4. There are too many examples. for more info see clubdestiny.co.uk.
by Olly J May 6, 2005
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The after effects of a night out with no sleep/too much drink/too many drugs etc.
He went raving last night, he came into work this morning looking messy.
by Rizladizla July 20, 2003
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To be completely and utterly inebriated beyond belief.
Person #1: Dude, you were so messy last night.
Person #2: Like, messier than Jordyn Greason?
Person #1: No, noone has ever been such a mess as she.
by manyperson August 7, 2009
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Another word for being out of it on drugs. To get messy. He's well messy etc.
I can't be arsed to go out tonight mate. Gonna plot at home, have a few beers and get messy on the powder.
by Matthew Dyer August 13, 2004
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messy can mean several things:

1)When something is untidy.
2)When something is really good.
3)When something is out of control.
1)Your room is really messy.
2)Life's bare messy at the moment.
3)This party is MESSY.
by Emmaaa,x. May 23, 2009
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Lookin good, Something of style, Something Good.
Dat track is MESSY!
Dat Tracksuit is MESSY!
by EntertainmentD October 8, 2006
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something that is really goodcool/amazing/immense/sick/crazy/sik

(in other words, the new badmeaninggood word)
wow! that tune is messy!!
by Claireee,x May 10, 2009
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