A certified professional way of takin shit from somewhere or/and somebody (preferably gas), but includes some initiation and if failed you could be shot in the fucking head.

- "Merk" prodigy
"Don't hang that pump up nigga, I merked that gas lets be out!"

"Merky, Merky!"
by Merk Prodigy February 14, 2008
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a dance that u step in all directions and point ur finger while movin to da beat
ITS SELF EXPLANITORY you is dumb if u kant merk
by FOREVER THE 5 August 14, 2006
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to sigh with being in a state of unsatisfication. to be slightly annoyed. almost vexed. also disappointed
*sigh* ... merk... so unfair
by manda November 17, 2004
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What Mike Vick does.
Vick was bout to merc on dat fool till he got his wheel broke up.
by DirkOut August 25, 2003
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When someone stabs someone then hands the knife off to his firend who cleans it
yo come on we are merking that mother
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