Shiloh is a quiet , food-loving , cute ass gurl. She loves to eat food. And ( she’s skinny ) her laugh makes you wanna laugh. Can be a pain in the ass sometimes. But she’s still nice af.
Shiloh is cute btw
by Zlyah December 12, 2018
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an extremely awesome chick who has good taste in a variety of things. A general fun person to be around and one who wants there to be something pleasant about her name.
Me: Hey Shiloh, I did it!

Shiloh: Thanks Shishno
by Shishno July 08, 2011
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I so wish I was a Shiloh!
Shiloh’s are absolutely stunning inside and out, usually with long blonde hair and crimson eyes.
If you are friends with a Shiloh, DON’T let her go! You’ll regret it within an hour!
Shiloh’s are tough but lovable, and enjoy everything from reading to sports.
She is absolutely gorgeous, even though she doesn’t think so.
Some of the most caring people on Earth, and are put through a lot of tough problems, but this never stops her.
Guy: “Who’s that new girl? She’s so confident and so freaking beautiful in every way!”
Girl: “That’s Shiloh.”
Guy: “That explains it.”
by Horsesandorcasforever October 14, 2018
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A cool dude that loves to party. Usually a badass that gets into trouble with the law.
"You hear about shiloh?"
"Yeah that rad!"
"He got arrest again"
by The Jiller September 20, 2018
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A really chill, fun, cool person who always does whatever they can to make everyone around them happy. a Shiloh( boy or girl) is always that person to have multiple best friends , and always be simp’ n . Shiloh’s will always be loyal friends and they’ll never leave you without someone to talk to. Shilohs usually have gone through some rough times and are really strong because of it, they never show weakness and might have a hard time opening up. Shiloh’s are people you want in your life.
Who are you always talking to” ?

Shiloh they’re always there to listen
by Berry coffee December 18, 2020
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A beautiful girl who loves to have fun! She has long blonde hair and she has brown eyes. She makes the best girlfriend and is very outgoing. Shiloh is smart , hot, intelligent , and chill! Every boy falls for her ! She plays some sports and is really good at what she plays! Shiloh has many many friends and everyone loves her! No one can stay mad at her . Every boy drools over her and every girl wants to be her bestfriend! Everyone should meet a Shiloh!
Boy : dude that girl is beautiful !What is her name?

Boy's friend: dude , that girl is Shiloh !
by Hotgirl23 June 24, 2017
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Pronounced “Shy-Low.”

1. (verb; to shiloh) When you sit down on a chair and it implodes beneath you like a demolished building.

2. (noun; when someone is a Shiloh) Someone who frequently breaks chairs when sitting upon them.

3. (adjective; shilohproof) A type of well-made or sturdy chair, stool, or couch.
“Man, she just shilohed the shit outta that chair!”

“You’re inviting him over? I hope your dining room chairs are shilohproof; he’s a total shiloh!”
by Javalannacox March 23, 2021
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