a word zach should never say again
Intensely, intensely, intensely”
by umnothanku March 10, 2021
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more intense than just plain intensity, but slightly less than intensity that is brighter than the sun
After a lunch of pounding coffee and hash browns, Tony was ready to work with intense intensity for the remainder of the day.
by BabyBuster August 6, 2008
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staring deeply at a hot girl's bossom
Johnny was intensed by Julie's proud breast.
by Mcpherson September 27, 2007
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Someone who is intense with every thing they do. Many intensers play video games or sports. They will often break tremendous amounts of sweat while engaged in phyiscal activity.
That intenser just spiked the volleyball on that four-year old girl's face
by Gene Hackman February 2, 2006
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adj: really, really awesome.
taylor: so what'd you think of the two ashleys making out last night?
marc: it was fuckin INTENSE!!
by the storm drains June 22, 2009
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to describe anything done with flair and enthusiasm.
by Yebeka December 20, 1999
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Used as in the immensely cool or out of this world context; often times used to refer to a close encounter or an extreme experience.
by Kel & Anna April 5, 2003
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