1. to kill someone
2. to beat someone in a game
3. to insult someone
4. to injure someone

adj. (merked)
1. looking unkempt
2. looking real stoned/drunk
Look at ya, ya just got merked bitch.
You're merked.
by Justin Plummer January 15, 2004
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background: merk - to kill someone, from the word mercenary, to kill for money
"getting merked on a tram over roosevelt island" (from El-P's Deep Space 9mm on Fantastic Damage
by Mel O. March 17, 2005
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-"Menzies and Calum merked that crew down bruv!" - Menzies and Calum killed those people badly my friend!

-"Menzies and Calum went bare merking" - Menzies and Calum went on a killing spree

-"No one can merk Menzies and Calum cuz! they are bare nang tings" - Nobody can kill Menzies and Calum my friend they are too kool
by Chris Menzies May 26, 2006
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Keep talkin shyt nigga an ima have to merk ya pussy ass.
by T-nigga November 12, 2007
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I'm gonna merk babyface so hard she'll never get merked again

i just got merked by some white boy

i forogt to wipe my butt and i just merked my white briefs
by porn mike November 6, 2008
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(1.) (v)-To kill someone
(2.) (n)-To get killed or murdered
(3.) (v)-To drown someone violently
1-Lets merk that punk!
2-Aha he got merked man....
3-Lets merk billy in the pond!
by YeMaj 44 May 30, 2008
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the act of comminting homicide upon another person. usually following a black on black arguement and involving guns
Jerome: Yo my nigga!! What tha fuck happened? Jamal: Yo that bitch ass nigga tried to catch me slippin so i had to merk his ass!!
by babymitchy January 24, 2009
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