When you begin to break out before/during/after your period.
Sam: Why are you wearing so much makeup?
Julie: Oh, I've gotten my menstruation constellation.
by caffinitive July 5, 2014
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1. A condition a female endures as she nears menopause. The uterus violently and unexpectly expels the endometrial lining and large clots of blood overflow two super plus tampons AND a maxi pad every hour.
2. A term used by women in peri-menopause when their period is so overwhelming that you soak your clothes, socks, shoes and possibly the carpet.
3. Result of the condition "Adenomyosis"
4. Any menstrual flow where blood overwhelms any feminine product, usually in the form of large clots, and anything you are wearing, sitting on or standing on might be ruined.
"I'll never wear white pants again due to projectile menstruation."
"I know, I can't wait for menopause."
by AnitaSpanking May 26, 2015
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When someone WITH A VAGINA puts a taper in a penises meatus (or urethra) until it bleeds, then plugs the hole with snow.
Kelly was so fed up with her boyfriends shenanigans that she had to give him the classic Alaskan Menstruation.
by alaskalover123 January 6, 2021
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A person (usually male) that acts like a drama queen with PMS. First coined in the late 80's.
That Shawn is such a menstruating clown.
by Jim Schwartz January 19, 2005
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When you get a heavier flow right after you think your period is over.
Sarah: Hey, my period is over! im so glad i can have sex again!

Michelle: Nice! better wit a day to see if you get Relapse Menstruation though.
by jenxie March 1, 2010
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When a woman is always like having she's menstruation, getting easily upset, overacting and making big deal of random stupid things.

It's a softer kind of the raging bitch disorder with attention whore features.
-Mary is acting weird and furious these days, she must be having a raging bitch disorder.

-No buddy, not only these days, she definitely has a Neverending menstruation syndrome.
by Rodkor July 8, 2012
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The word salad that is shot out of a girls mouth during the time immediately before and during their period. Often this verbal diarrhea is offensive, violent, and nonsensical; reflecting their chaotic state of mind. The intensity and unintended nature of statements made during bouts of PM-T make the affected woman seem to have a serious mental disability.
"Wow, bitch you have a crazy case of PM-T"

"Dude, you really told your boss that he could go fuck himself with a panda dick?"
"ummm... yeah I had some pretty bad Pre Menstruation Torettes"
by Bachboy123 January 30, 2009
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