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Gaming slang used on multiplayer when another player (specially of the enemy team) does something incredible/hacking-suspicious. Often overused by FPS noobs which get owned everytime.
Nice hack! You just humiliated me with your skill but saying bullshit makes me look like a competitive player.
by Rodkor July 03, 2012
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When a woman is always like having she's menstruation, getting easily upset, overacting and making big deal of random stupid things.

It's a softer kind of the raging bitch disorder with attention whore features.
-Mary is acting weird and furious these days, she must be having a raging bitch disorder.

-No buddy, not only these days, she definitely has a Neverending menstruation syndrome.
by Rodkor July 08, 2012
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A traditional Halloween joke. While you are fucking a girl from behind, put a witch hat on her head and grab her wrists so she can't take it off, and scream: witch bitch!
-Elizabeth is pissed with me since Halloween.
-Did you argue or something?

-Just a wild witch riding.
by Rodkor October 23, 2012
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A big, huge bar fight between drunk people, like in the old spaghetti western movies, very often acclimated in a filthy southern/southwestern bar or in the mexican border.
-Dude, the last night some drunk tejanos came to the bar, and after drinking lots of shots they started a big bar riot.

-Wow, that must have been a serious Tequila guerrilla, like in Wayne's movies.
by Rodkor July 06, 2012
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That morning after you've drink a lot of poor quality alcohol and you feel terrible (raton means hangover in Spanish)
The other day I woke up on my best friend's sofa, feeling like I was going to die, and I drank a couple of beers. That was a hell of a raton morning.
by Rodkor July 02, 2012
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A guy who starts going to the gym on May or April and wants to be jacked for June, he thinks he can gain 10 muscle pounds each month, and he never trains legs because he thinks they'll get suddenly enormous and cover his small dick.
Hey John, you see the guy doing biceps curl with that pretty light dumbbells? He's such a pre beacher, last week he told me he wanna look like a model for June or July.
by Rodkor July 03, 2012
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The kind of person you see at any forum or in the Youtube comments harassing without valid arguments or using fallacies to anything they disagree with. Many of them don't know even to type OK, or they make mistakes on purpose, because they think it'll make them look badass and rude, but actually the whole forums laughs at him. Their age uses to be 12-19.
-Yura beech don't listen this stupid musick!

-You have a one week ban, little Web redneck.
by Rodkor July 03, 2012
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