The most shittiest thing any girl can go through.....its shit.
"Oh shit these cramps are killing me"
by cactus.200? January 2, 2017
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a pain that comes from hell and affects girl during that "time of the month" feels a lot like dying.
my cramps were so bad I even fainted
by satanma December 21, 2014
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A thing that happens when a female has a period.. It hurts like a bitch and makes you feel like shit and feels like someone is hitting you with a fucking baseball bat.. Repeatedly
"I'm going to kill a bitch if these cramps don't go away"
by xrelatablechickx December 1, 2015
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That demon inside your uterus ripping up your insides
by zek123 March 30, 2016
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a god awful pain girls go through during "that time of the month"
i have such bad cramps
by JENiQA March 18, 2007
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What a girl experiences on her period. The cramps come from the uterus and it is sometimes like a burning feeling.
My cramps were so bad last night, I curled up in a ball and went to sleep.
by busybee711 November 21, 2010
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the cramps are still around and have been since 76!
by LL138 June 21, 2008
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