for example instead of very good you can say menge good since it has higher value for the thing that you are describing.
guy 1: did you try out no mans sky on steam? i heard it was very good.
guy 2: don't waste your money on that turd, i hear it was MENGE bad.
by Robbus November 25, 2016
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to hit someone with a pint glass or bottle particularly in the face
did you see that guy get menged in the pub last night
by druid99 September 29, 2006
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(v.) To perform the following ungodly, necrophilic act, requiring two people and a female corpse: Person X begins to perform cunnilingus on the said corpse. Person Y gets a running start and jumps on the abdomen of the corpse, usually landing on either the back, or on both feet (in a stomping action). Through the force of contact, the "innards and fluids" of the corpse spray out into the face of Person X. Considered a disturbing affront to nature by most cultures.
Did you hear about Ted and Gary?! They went up to the morgue yesterday and menged all night long!
by Mike August 7, 2003
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1) To agree with someone.
2) To show excitement or fear.
3) You use it if you don't know what something is. You could also add "Genge" if it is very funny or revolting.
1)Dimitri: I love Bananas in Pajamas
Hiraldo: MENGE!! Me too.
2)Person 1 jumps and scares Person 2.
Person 2 screams "MENGE! THAT SCARED ME!"
3)Alyssa: I stepped on some menge genge.
by gretchen manhead April 30, 2008
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also spelled mang, latino for man.
yo meng, let's eat some tacos; it's crunch time!
by nite November 25, 2003
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Yo meng!
Sup meng diddy meng meng!
by AnGdyDrew March 29, 2005
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