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vietnamese rice noodle soup. the soup that eats like a meal. rice noodles in beef broth, with scallions, cilantro, onions, and types of beef as toppings. usually served with side of raw bean sprouts, mint leaves, and a slice of lime. gotta eat it with sriracha.
i went to pho king with my friend the morning after we got drunk.
by nite August 25, 2004
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Chingy,that crappy lil pop rapper who can't spell!
Right Thurr("there" you stupid motherfucker)!

Holidae Inn(It's Holiday Inn genius)!
by Nite August 01, 2004
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also spelled mang, latino for man.
yo meng, let's eat some tacos; it's crunch time!
by nite November 25, 2003
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A 'teenage tribe' of Britain.They're not townies nor sk8ers,but:

1.Celebrity obsessed shitholes who read OK magazine and other such crap.

2.The males tend to read FHM and worship bimbo sluts like Jordan!

3.They are driven by mainstream,popular culture and only relate to those who watch soaps and other such crap(eg Footballers' Wives).

4.They love shit pop or dance music!

5.The male dress code:Denim,loose,hanging shirts and styled hair.Females:Denim and anything with a designer logo.

I fucking hate them-total scum of society!
We're dressed like shots and then we fuck each other!
by Nite September 07, 2003
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beef marinated in soy sauce. often barbecued on a grill, sometimes in restaurants at the table.
Julia (Jiyeon) scarfed down the bulgogi wrapped in lettuce.
by nite November 05, 2003
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1. also spelled kalbi, beef spare ribs often marinated in soy sauce based marinade
L.S. can cook up some galbi tonight!
by nite November 12, 2003
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prince. king. guardian angel. extra good looking.
sooho will take care of me!
by nite November 05, 2003
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