1) a self absorbed singer/actor/rapper/clothing designer who never wrote his own lyrics ever who seems to think its cool to change his name every 2 weeks
yo my name is diddy

i thought it was p diddy

nah i just changed it my new name is did

i thought it was diddy?

nah i just changed it again to D
by janki mhodi January 2, 2006
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As of August 2005, the name Sean "P. Diddy"/"Puff Daddy"/"Insert Name Here" Combs will from now on be referred as.
Quoth Diddy- "I believe the P was getting between me and my fans"

Quoth me- "Wtf who cares?"
by bandchick987 September 1, 2005
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diddy = tit
diddys = tits
uraaaghhhh she has a lovely pair of diddys.

I was pulling the diddys off her.

(normally used by kids in ireland as a slang word for tits/breasts) .
by carl furlong May 13, 2004
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a sccessful producer and fashion designer who thinks himself a rapper but actually never wrote a lyrics and does not represent real hip-hop in any way.oftenly found in white,weird,full of himself and most of all untalented.in one word u can say"the worst rapper alive"
a yo,u know who the worst rapper alive is?
let me guess,Diddy!
by vikki81 January 17, 2008
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What is left of the famous music artist's name, which started as Sean "Puffy" Combs and went from P. Diddy to plain Diddy, because, according to Sean, "The P was getting between me and my fans."
You moron, P. Diddy is now just plain diddy.
by Rellin September 14, 2005
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a retarded self-centered "rapper" who owns Bad Boy Entertainment. biggie is pretty much the only talented person diddy ever discovered. he also has 'bout.......10 aliases, like come on diddy, HOW MUCH DO U NEED? JUST PICK ONE! and he just came up with a new one, known as "dirty money"
Diddy: "yo wassup guys? my name's Dirty Money"

1: "P. Diddy? i thought it was Diddy"

2: "i thought it was P. Diddy"

3: "i thought it was Sean John"

4: "i thought it was Puff Daddy"

5: "i thought it was Puffy"

6: "i thought it was Sean Combs"

by ag1997 August 12, 2010
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Fake Gypsy
Short for Diddicoy
Keep away from those diddys son, they'll nick the quack from a poxy duck..
by neilg September 14, 2005
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