ex: i met this chick last night and we had some great meaningless sex with her
by milleer9 March 6, 2018
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When a person/troll posts a comment on a message board that makes little to no sense, is insulting, or has nothing to do with the topic in an effort to derail the discussion.
Megan: "I had a good day".
Johnny: "Me too!"
Lisa: "My day was great!".
Carl: "All of you suck!".
Edward: "@Carl, take your meaningless dribble elsewhere troll".
Carl: "Make me loser".
by TigressMama July 1, 2011
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What you experience in junior college, community college, and/or beauty school.
"After twelve+ years of elementary-junior-senior-high-school and an exciting job in the lucrative field of fast food preperation, I just can't wait to experience the joy of meaningless studies in junior college!"
by Carl J. Maltese June 18, 2007
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what are u?
by spidermans pet man January 10, 2020
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