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ah yes, mine too. instead of doing something more important than this, i'm typing this and you're reading this.
fuckeddisshittius: oh damn, life is meaningless smh
by ThatLesbianThatStoleYourGirl September 26, 2019
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A game that used to let you do whatever you wanted. It was super fun and literally anything was possible. But all hell broke loose on April 27th. Its shitty devs slapped the game with a filter that is broken as shit! Anything with a number below 18 and "fuck" in it is an absolute no-no.

Anyone that dares talk about Daddy-Latitude's fuck-up is a hereby paedophile. What the hell is that logic? Come up with a better argument you idiot. Slutitude even trained their AI on CP. Are you still gonna defend them? I don't think so.
Fuck AI Dungeon's new filter! I can't ride my horse while snacking on 4 watermelons and using my 5-year-old laptop!
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something that literally everyone hates. its annoying and might get infront of that thing you need to click. idk. its just something i wish never existed. just like that damn mug Urban Dictionary. no one wants to buy a useless mug.
oh damn, it's an ad.
by ThatLesbianThatStoleYourGirl September 26, 2019
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That yummy delicious food that was absolutely RUINED BY THOSE GACHATUBERS, THEY'RE WORSE THAN THE DAMN CORONAVIRUS. Well most of them
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