a slightly less (or more) dick way of saying "no fucking way."
"Hey man wanna come over later and catch Dancing With the Stars?"

"Maybe later."

"You fuckin' dick."
by ACNY January 22, 2008
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usually said by females, maybe males. When a person is asked to join in an event and doesnt want to but don't want to be too rude about it, they say maybe later. But dont actually intend on doing anything later and forget all about it.
person 1: "do u wanna come over?"
Person 2: "maybe later"
Person 1: "alright, call me later bye"
by talented August 2, 2005
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Maybe <i> never. </i>

Often used by females to kindly reject someone.
by rdhthuer June 11, 2006
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he says " you wanna go on a date" another dude says "eh maybe later" :/
by Turtleboiiiiii January 13, 2020
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something to say when you suggest something to your peers and they would rather not join in, to paticipate or want to ignore you
-when no one responds or cares what you are saying
"Does any one want a cookie? no? (pause) ok maybe later..."
by Megan and Brittany May 21, 2006
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The greatest activist that ever lived. Also the most well known Youtuber of all time.
Not Now Maybe Later- you will never find anyone like him
by FUCK D S S June 15, 2021
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When your friends say they will play later but truly they wont and just want to make fun of you and dont want to play gmod with you
by BIG Richard the great May 1, 2020
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