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A Song by the infamous Blink 182 and bonus track on the ''Greatest Hits'' Album
A Video Clip was made depicting various videos made by the band, such as ''all the small things'' ''Girl From the Rock Show'' and First Date'' are shown as well as footage of them on tour.
there are 2-3 versions of the video clip,1 of which has not been confirmed to be an australian fan-made version.

It is Strongly regarded as the final song written By Blink-182 as it's title reflects a statement for the band to not give up and stop making songs together
Not Now...Blink 182

We Miss You
by Travis Johnson Barker October 27, 2007
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When a peado adds you on facebook you can either accept the invitation, or Not Now them.
Jordan: David Cole has just added me as a friend

by Andy McGurn March 09, 2011
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The worst thing to say when a HOT girl is in your bed kissing your neck and trying to get in your pants.
girl: You always say no when i want it!

guy: I don't ever say no. Just "not now"...
by 47505660abc July 13, 2009
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Something you can't have after a certain period of time has passed. The length of time depends entirely on the person being asked for something.
You : "Can I change my four-piece McNugget to six-piece?"
Cranky McDonald's Girl : "Not now."
by Sugar Bean August 14, 2003
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