a really good game.

(this is my first urbdic definition. hello community.)
person 1: yoo have you tried gmod?
person 2: yea fam that shit good
by gmod fan May 4, 2021
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Gmod is a modification of the source engine used to make several games, including Half Life 2. Some guy named Garry got bored one day, and probably thought he'd make a pimptacular game of all the nifty and fun things we loved most about Half Life. Since then, people have used his mod to create an ever-expanding archive of games and mini-mods to keep us glued to our computers at all hours of the day!

Fuck girlfriends and jobs, we have GMOD.
Gmod is short for Garry's Mod.

"Lol I <3 Gmod"
by JeffFREAK May 18, 2006
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Gmod=DespacEto 2
by Autistic Boi June 18, 2018
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Horrible game where a bunch if screaming kids fight over egirls in multiplayer and if you dare play single player you will become insane and lose al grip of reality, time and physics
10/10 game absolutely love it
Guy 1: hey dude wanna play gmod later
Guy 2: yeah sure let me just finish up on my perpetual motion device first
Guy 1: dude save the universal law breaking for gmod
by Monkey at a type writer October 31, 2022
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Only in Garry's mod.
Only in GMOD
by OKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKO November 20, 2021
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A person that is thrown, or enters by ragdolling in a completely lifeless manner, as if it had really unrealistic joints and exaggerated weight, breaking everything it hits. It's usually followed by sliding along the ground with Thud and Flesh_drag sound effects from Half Life 2 or other Source titles.

If a person instantly dies from a hard hit and gmod ragdolls away, it can also have it's body replaced with the model of a coffin, with the voice of a big, bald, russian guy saying "DED." from an unknown source.
She slapped her husband so hard he gmod ragdolled over the desk.

Scout won the gmod ragdolling competition just by using his double jump.
by Flaros Overfield September 7, 2019
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When you buy a game on steam, go to the workshop, and download damn near everything
Person: "yooo I just downloaded fire pro wrestling world, I discovered parts craft, and now I'm experiencing Gmod Syndrome!"
by AGuyThatExists March 4, 2022
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