Expression of awe, excitement, fear, or sometimes all three at once.

Also, the textbook rejection to Luke Marshall asking a girl to the movies.

See also: Holy Freakin Muffins
No fucking way, sixty-foot waves on a nudist beach?
by Luke December 27, 2005
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When anything in life remotely goes wrong
I dropped a pen, "no fucking way.'
I misclicked an application, "no fucking way.'
My mom was shot and killed, "no fucking way."
by Nawsayn August 21, 2023
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Definition 1: When rejecting someone else's idea.
Definition 2: When someone tells you something unbelievable.

Guy: hey dude here's my plan for the house
Person: No fucking way dude. This shit too expensive!


Guy: hey dude check this out I caught it on video
Person: No fucking way dude. Did that happen?!
by allyssawashere May 9, 2022
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When there is a never ending argument and youre so damn bored. You can say that. It's like what the fuck ever. Being not sure if there is common usage, I love using it.

-You say youre always right! You never listen!
-Any fucking way. I dont care.
by icedhell April 15, 2009
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Utter shock. Commonly abbreviated as FTW. An expression used when one cannot possibly fathom what he/she has been told or is seeing.
Cassius: My friend remodelled his car engine using YouTube tutorials
Xavier: Fuck the Way!!!
by ballin_contingency January 12, 2015
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1. Absolutely Shitfaced
2.A situation in which there is no way to get out of it. You Can't Lie, bargain, cry, plead, beg, or joke your way out of being fucked six ways to sunday
1. He drank to the point of being fucked six ways to sunday.
2. I sent that angry email about the boss, to the boss by mistake. Now I'm fucked six ways to sunday.
by MrFallout May 21, 2016
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An expression used when an action or situation has not only fucked or will fuck you in multiple ways, but will leave you fucked for a long time afterwards.
I just got fired from my job and I'm late on the mortgage, am making payments on a car whose transmission is slipping, have maxed out credit cards I'm never gonna pay off, multiple accounts in collections and I still owe Bob a new grill when I ran it over drunk driving last weekend. I'm fucked nine ways to Sunday.

Cop: Sir, I need you to pop the trunk.
Guy: Got a search warrant?
Cop: Right here.
Guy: I'm fucked nine ways to Sunday...

John: Dude, Brock Lesnar's at the door waiting for you. Says he's real pissed about you slapping him in the back of the head then running off at the bar last night.
Bob: Oh shit, THAT'S who that was?
John: ...Dude, you're fucked nine ways to Sunday.
by Yeret February 9, 2015
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