a drink that is a mixture of red wine and orange soda
i was sippin on that master key last night. It opens all the doors.
by themasterkey December 29, 2011
Also knows as as set of Bolt Cutters. Looks like a giant set of wire cutters. Can cut through nearly any pad lock.
When Ray lost the keys to the tool boxes we had to go looking for our Master Key.
by Sega Slayer March 16, 2004
a term locksmiths use for masturbating
mazda spent the day master keying in the bathroom
by vagina jim bob February 12, 2016
A shotgun used to blow-open locked doors.
The front man in the stack shot both hinges with the master key. The next guy hit the door with a battering ram.
by GewehrWolf April 3, 2007
A lock picking set. The term originates from the lock manipulation course taught at Langley, training ground for CIA operatives.
Bill; "Damnit I locked the keys in the house!"
Ted; Don't sweat it, I have my Langley Master Keys
by ghost3x7 April 21, 2009
I accidentally left my keys in my car, so I had to use the Mexican Master Key to get them out.
by wolfpacleader1986 October 8, 2010
The master key position is when the dominant male uses off hand to choke female counterpart while inserting the index and middle fingers into said vagina. From this moment on, the male has complete control of said female. The master key position can be utilized on a couch or a bed at any given time.
In order to control your girl you have to use the master key position on her.
by Mhadtt Aucella August 22, 2017