A metal bar with curves at both ends for prying.

It's a useful took for pulling out nails, breaking open doors, tearing holes, breaking things, and just about everything else you can do with a metal stick.

It also serves as a nice weapon, the bar is heavier than a baseball bat and the prying ends can create some wounds that a knife can't.
Hey! I need a crowbar to open this door.
Half-Life's most useful weapon is the crowbar.
Some dumbass broke into my house with a crowbar and tried to use it on me before I shot him.
by David Li January 15, 2008
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Absolutely one of the most useful tools to have, it can be used as a weapon on account of being heavier than a bat but still slender enough to not be a fucking club. They range in size, but they universally have two sides: One for prying out nails, and another one for more blunt leverage. The side that pries out nails is incredibly effective as a weapon, being able to inflict cuts that a simple knife cannot match. If you use this properly, you are a chad among chads. It's also great for prying stuff open and ripping stuff off.

No wonder Gordon Freeman kicks ass with it.
Anarchist 1: Hey! You got a crowbar, don't you!
Anarchist 2: Yeah, I ordered mine off the internet.
Anarchist 1: Damn, all I got is a knife I duct taped to a pipe.
by armageddon ham September 29, 2020
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Verb: To insert your arm between a man's legs from behind, reach up, and slap him in the stomach, around the bellybutton.

This process may bring the elbow into contact with the groin, a disconcerting feeling.
"Did you see Jay crowbar Derek last night?"
by bowdoin December 7, 2006
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Another word for 'Russian Gamer'
"wagwan G, wait fam, you be lookin' like a crowbar. Have you even slept bruv?"
by Kami (PHD) June 16, 2021
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The star of Valve's popular Half-Life series.
The finest in headcrab removal since 1997!
by Anonymous March 1, 2005
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The most revolutionary weapon ever to be seen in a game. Can be used for prying headcrabs off of zombies, breaking off Combine heads, cracking open boxes and 2x4's, and trying to kill G-Man. First acquired weapon in Half-Life 1 and 2. Not to be underestimated, especially in the hands of an expert such as Gordon Freeman.
(Talking about crowbar)
Barney:"Oh yeah, and I think you dropped this back at Black Mesa... Good luck!"
Gordon Freeman, thinking to himself:
I'ma bust some Xen sh** up in here wif my 22... inch crowbar.
by GameBoy3008 August 29, 2005
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A badass band of fat guys from New Orleans, LA.

Fuckin' Crowbar kicks ass! or Crowbar looks like a bunch of pissed off fat dudes!
by hey joe December 12, 2006
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