a terrorist organization disguised as a government body
The CIA really does love to kill citizens in other countries and overthrow democratically elected governments
by Lovethecreeper October 5, 2021
Cocaine Import Agency. A cynical re-definition of the acronym for the Central Intelligence Agency commonly used by conspiracy advocates. It has its roots in Air America from the Vietnam War era that established drug sales as a way for the CIA to fun black operations "off books". It was during the Iran-Contra affair when the CIA used the funds from illegal arms sales to Iran to fund support for the far right Contra rebels fighting the Sandanista communists in Nicaragua and also the support of General Noreaga of Panama who was a major cocaine trafficker as were the Contras, that this acronym had its origins.
Noreaga was the Cocaine Import Agency's boy, then the CIA rolled that poor bastard and put him in the big house!
by irongron March 30, 2019
The pleasurable practice of ass fucking to completion; hence - Cum In Ass
Chongo: "So how was your GFE last night?"
Mono: "That ho let me do both the CIA and CIM to her! I guess you can say I ATM'd her! You should try it, but be warned, YMMV!"
by Señor Drop Trou January 22, 2005
A terrorist organization sponsored by American tax dollars.
Communism works well in theory, but in practice it gets upended by a CIA-sponsored coup.
by Sitbear April 9, 2021
The Central Intelligence Agency of the United States, formed in 1947 to conduct foreign intelligence collection, covert action, and counterintelligence operations abroad.
The CIA is also responsible for providing finished intelligence to U.S. policymakers.
by Dancing with Fire September 3, 2012
(Central Intelligence Agency). An organization designed to report international secrets, foreign time bombs, counterespionage and covert operations (here and overseas). Many suspect they are involved in clandestine conspiraces ranging from UFO's to 9/11. (Who's to know? Tenet'll tell you.) They are often thought of as akin to the FBI; though they may have external differences, the CIA~FBI mission relationship does exist similarly regulation-wise with the purpose of national security.
An agent: a trenchcoat with a pocket watch. Usu. seen with manila folders, Italian-tailored shoes and tinted windowed cars. An example of the organization would be Britain's MI6, Israel's Mossad, Russia's FSB/Soviet's KGB.
by Smkngmgc June 14, 2004
For the asexuals/the aces_

C - Chaotic
I - introverted
A - asexuals
«I’m part of the CIA»
«The Central Intelligence Agency?»
«No...the chaotic, introverted asexuals !»
«Oh, I see
by KamekTho May 29, 2021