the finest in beer drinking containers, regardless of whether you're a hick, redneck, or hillbilly
We had a dog named Bocephus livin' in the front yard.
He liked sleepin' out on top of the car.
He drank beer out of a Mason jar

-Kenny Chesney "Keg in the Closet"
by Mod 26 '05-'06 June 02, 2005
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(n.) A college student receptacle for fecal material when the dorm bathrooms are disgusting.
I'm out of trapper keepers, so I just took a shit in my brand new mason jar.
by Debo J-Bonez March 08, 2006
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The ultimate move is the sexual sealing of a woman's orifices. The Mason Jar requires four humans with a deliberate determination to complete this ritual. Three males and a female, with optional non gender specific camera technician. The woman must set herself in a comfortable position using all four of her limbs to hold her body parallel to the floor. Man one will take up a stance in front of the woman's face. He will then penetrate her mouth with his penis closing up her oral opening. Man two will take up position underneath the woman. He must be a flexible and strong man as this will be the most difficult position to accomplish properly. Man two should consider some sort of support furniture or cushions, as he must fill the woman's vagina with his penis, whilst also getting ready to hold her nose closed. It is very important to remember not to hold the nose closed until the very end. If man two is over eager and closes the woman's nose while her mouth is being penetrated see the entry in this dictionary for Dead Hooker. Man three must then take up position behind the woman and penetrate her anus with his penis. Once man three completes his task man two must then hold the woman's nose closed. Immediately after the nose is sealed, the men proceed to thrust into the three prime orifices. After about a minute of this man two may release the woman's nose, and enjoy giving the other men a congratulatory handshake as they have successfully completed The Mason Jar.
"Darling would you enjoy an attempt at The Mason Jar tonight?"
by cnunn1388 December 31, 2011
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A person with an asshole the size of a mason jar.
Guy#1 : Man dude I was poking that hot box two houses down and slipped out of her vag and fell into her mason jar anus. Guy#2 : So you got mud on your helmet? Guy#1 : Yeah but it washed right off.
by JoeyBomm June 04, 2020
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