drug dealer, mainly this word is used in the south.
that nigga is a straight trapper fo life
by Auguste October 18, 2005
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"I need to roll, you know anyone I can get some from? Yea, my buddy is a trapper"
by shawn m November 21, 2005
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A motor vehicle that is in desperate need of repair that can be only driven around the trap (aka the hood); commonly used in Milwaukee
Tae's trapper ass car wont make it up the block.
by Steamer Matt September 24, 2011
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A female who intentionally 'traps' males into an unforeseen preganancy, often by stopping the use of birth control pills without the male companion knowing.
"dat bitch said she was on da birf control, and now dat trapper is preggers"
by mike shay March 4, 2008
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a nigga that makes trap music but also is a rapper
men that nigga does it all , he raps and trapps,there are few real trappers out there e.g young thug
by dan the man x January 10, 2017
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Son, you trapping with me?
Aww you know im a trapper till i die..
by alreadynotme January 16, 2012
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