To miss out on something because one doesn't realize it's full potential, usually used with the word 'on.'
Some artists aren't as well known as others, so people stay sleepin' on their music when it be really good yo.
by DarkNova December 18, 2001
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Being knocked unconscious during a physical altercation.
Bob: Steve was sleepin' after the fight!

John: Whoa, he hot knocked out?
by Chiefy Jackson November 30, 2017
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to sit on ones hand for at least 20 minutes before you masterbate. makes your hand feel like someone else.
I gave myself the sleepin' pussy.
by Andrew March 6, 2005
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meaning having a lot of money, so much so, that one could hypothetically use it to sleep on (as for example, a bed or pillow).
"He got girls AND he sleepin' on the money. Damn."

"Did you hear that he works at the Chicago Tribune now?"
"Shooo, he must be sleepin' on the money!"
by colleem September 1, 2013
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