A blanket. It's just a blanket.
Why do guys like us know what a duvet is? Is this necessary to our survival, in the hunter-gatherer sense of the word?
by GAWII March 9, 2008
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A quilt used in place of a bedspread or topsheet. Often is down-filled, and commmon in northern European countries.
The hotel room included a bed with a duvet cover
by Mittens November 12, 2003
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A cover, like a pillowcase, to protect and beautify a comforter, often down, because down comforters are expensive, precious, and delicate. A down comforter with a tear, rip, or hole will leak.
After spending $300 on a down comforter, an $80 duvet is a sound investment
by michael November 11, 2003
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The only thing that'd ever be on top of you (because it doesnt have much of a choice-). Is usually made with a fairly soft material so you can sleep comfy, while knowing perfectly well that no one is in the bed with you because you're lonely :)
Chez: is nathan gonna be sharing your bed tonight?
Parrott: nope, just my duvet, its so sad :(
by Random_pasta November 5, 2020
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A blanket for old people/intellectuals
"This is a nice blanket." - young person
"Its actually a duvet." - old person / intellectual
by BAMF84 October 27, 2018
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When trumps are trapped inside and under the duvet and you can't help but waft the duvet at your mrs culminating in an unbearable backlash of trump.
Get in to bed love, waft, duvet whiff.
by Trumps Magee August 10, 2013
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