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Final fantasy 3/6(same game) esper's are the magical beings, with surprise, magic, after the war of the magi, they made their own world and hide in it, to avoid giving ou tthe story to anyone, ill stop the definition there
in narshe, you start off looking for an esper
by Slayer June 21, 2004
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frrewebs is a wicked site used for making free websites that only allow 500 mb of bandwidth, and a max of 2.5kbps for files over 500 kb, they have a max of 7 pages and 7 paragraphs per page, one song per page and you need to have the thing at bottom saying "This site was created and hosted for free by freewebs, click here to build your own website" also, your copyright will appear like this, 2004$$^%(copyright$#$all$rRights$Reserved
www.freewebs.com is teh coolest wbesite on teh palnet. w00t.
by Slayer April 16, 2004
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bad pussy,breath
you have cuntbreath
by slayer August 25, 2003
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A friendly term for someone who's just made a mistake or said something stupid.
"I really think Bill Gates isn't THAT bad." - Norm

"Shut up you arse haddock!" - Guy
by Slayer April 07, 2003
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a Damn cocksocker,or a term for fag
That dude is a polesmoker,dude you such a damn polesmoker!
by Slayer July 24, 2003
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one who is being "gay"/slow/stupid or just being annoying
yo flacktar shut it you have no friends!
by slayer February 24, 2004
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see wuba
that damn wube took all the recoup
by slayer April 02, 2003
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