A Clockwork Orange is a book and movie with many different levels. The most obvious level is the theme of violence and 'ultra-violence'. A bunch of droogs get-off and take joy in terrorizing others. On that level it is an extreme example to those that do not feel self-empowered. This makes it a cult classic. On other levels it is also about learning self-constraint and how we alienate others by selfishly fulfilling our own needs before those of others, and on yet another level, it shows how being short sighted and trying to race to the end of a learning process can actually completely defeat the process. The story clearly shows that 'law' tries to subvert its criminals via brainwashing, but if someone doesn't learn to change for themselves, then you are only just holding them prisoner.

It is a book/movie I highly recommend for the analytical types. There are many levels to it and although there are some scenes that may disturb the faint-of-heart, it is worth it for the rest of the movie.
The movie A Clockwork Orange gives deep insight into those of us that feel alienated and yet self-empowered. It reinforces the feeling that I may do as I please, without regard to the repercussions. Thankfully I don't actually want to rape people.
by ismirth September 13, 2005
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One of the best books ever written. The book is about a young man named Alex who is a hoodlum and he and his friends get off on tormenting and raping people. One night Alex's friends betray him after he's killed some old woman and Alex is caught and put in jail. The government comes up with a rehab program that Alex volunteers for and it turns Alex against everything he loved before, including the works of Beethoven.
The book is written mainly in a language called "Nadsat" ("teen" in Russian) which comprises of people, mainly teenagers using Russian words in otherwise English sentances. Most of the copies of the book come with a glossary in the back, however, you can usually understand what a word means by the context it is used in.
A Clockwork Orange is a very graphic and violent book, but it does teach the reader very important lessons about themselves and about life.
Stanly Kubrick made A Clockwork Orange into a movie that was released in 1971 and was promptly banned in several countries as it was viewed as too violent. There's a scene in the movie that was cut out because it was too violent and also a chapter in the book that was cut out for the same reason. However, now you can get copies of the orginal book and I have heard rumors that you can download the original movie version.
A Clockwork Orange can be brought up during a conversation with your peers or teachers in order to make them think you're smart.
by Asty von Ferguson September 27, 2005
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2. An English slang term meaning something doesn’t quite seem right or is out of place.
That boy is as queer (strange) as a clockwork orange
by Evil Dave June 30, 2005
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A Bizarre and eerie satire on futuristic Britain starring Malcolm McDowell. This film is about a gang of "DROOGS" that go about the night raping, beating and vandalizing the streets of the city. Stanlet Kubrick did a great job in it and it is a major cult classic that was extremely controversial when released.
Max and Matt were hanging out and got the rental DVD of A Clockwork Orange.
by Matthew Calzone May 23, 2007
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a BOOK an amazing BOOK and an amazing movie but mostly it is one of the best BOOKS around
by Sairah Malawista November 16, 2004
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Arguably the most violent movie ever made. Was banned in many countries upon its initial release in 1971.
Parents: Don't let your kids see this. Kids: Rent this at a video store without your parents' permission.
"How did you like A Clockwork Orange?"
"It was good, although I almost threw up after watching the first 10 minutes."
by Poiuyt October 28, 2003
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A film that may have been Super-Violent When it came out but is mild by today's standards. May induce sadistic pleasue at seeing the Droogs beat up hobos and randomly rape people.
Man, A Clockwork Orange was great!
by Ender December 14, 2003
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