celebrating after Fap Free Feb.

jerking off as much as you can
Danny: hows your march madness going so far?

Brian: im upto 47
by thisisdudu March 10, 2010
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1) The best time of the year since it is the NCAA tournament. For some reason, the tournament doesn't start until around mid-March. If you think college basketball sucks, you're an idiot because it's way better than the NBA since sometimes the worse team wins.

2) A series of video games. They are very addicting and the commentators make the dumbest comments ever. For example, "If he were my father, I'd wish i was adopted BABY!!!". Also, "Wow! He's a high riser, he has hops like you partner!" It is impossible to play defense in this game because the lockdown stick doesn't work well and whenever you try to steal it, it's a reach in! Also, every player is amazing and can make a shot no matter how badly he is fouled. Strategy tip: all you need to do is be a team with a huge center and you can reject every shot, and when you dunk it you will put your balls in someone's face. This game will frustrate the shit out of you because your younger brother will just chuck up 3s all game and beat you!
1) guy 1 - hey man guess what? the spurs just beat the celtics!

guy 2 - shut the fuck up im trying to watch March Madness, the 5 seed is about to lose to the 11 seed.

guy 1 - that happens every year.

guy 2 - is there something wrong with it? the nba blows cuz you can predict who is going to win almost every game

guy 1 - yeah...

2) older brother - hey johnny, lets play march madness '06

johnny - okay! i call georgetown! roy hibbert is gonna kick your ass!

older brother - you douche bag...fine im uhhh kentucky, their center is 7'3" and can't dunk somehow!

johnny - let's go!

(the game starts)

(johnny takes a 10 point lead by half time because he shoots 3s and goes to hibbert nonstop)

older brother - johnny you're so gay why dont you play the damn game instead of just chucking up 3s and dunking it with hibbert

johnny - because i'm soo good!

(johnny ends up winning the game by 14)

older brother - god damn it johnny you're such a douche!

johnny - hahahahah!

older brother - yeah well i'll bet you'll think this is funny!

(the older brother beats johnny up and then locks him in the basement until johnny admits that the older brother really won)
by c0tt0n3y3jo3 June 11, 2007
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A hallucinatory disease with symptoms that resemble the effects of doing herione and LSD simultaneously; often mistaken to be related to the NCAA basketball tournament
Alyssa: We better lock little Todd in the closet, the doctor says he has signs of march madness!

Dad: I'll just take him out back and take care of him now. I'm tired of always having to worry about him.

Alyssa: Nice thinkin' Dad.
by Alex Mirman November 24, 2007
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A marketing gimmick created by media companies and advertisers to boost ratings/sales. Nobody cares about college basketball during the regular season, then suddenly everyone on CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX is talking about the tournament. It's all hype, designed so that people will get hooked from the start, then watch til the Final Four and the final winner.
Dude #1: March Madness Baby! March Madness Baby!

Dude #2: Shut up dumbass, I'm trying to watch the Rockets game.
by P.A. March 16, 2005
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An overrated, overhyped college basketball tournament. Every March, this tournament is shoved down our collective throats by sports media (who should be covering the NHL playoff chase and MLB Spring Training instead), and results in everyone who buys into this, spending hours filling out their precious brackets.
other guy: ZOMG MARCH MADNESSSSSSSSSSSSS DUUUUUUUDE! SUNY Catholic State is playing against Northern Colorado A&M! Got your brackets filled out?

me: Oh, screw that, I'm gonna watch some Spring Training this afternoon, and cap it off with a hockey game tonight, featuring two teams fighting for a playoff berth. I'm not going to waste my time with some stupid bracket.

other guy: *cries*
by howlincoyote2k1 March 19, 2007
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The anger one feels when their favorite shows are cancelled or postponed because of NCAA finals.
Person 1: "Alright, grab your popcorn and a Coke - CSI starts in 5 min."
Person 2: "Don't bother, NCAA finals are on tonight instead."
Person 1: <shouts explicatives and throws things>
Person 2: "Sounds like someone has a case of March Madness."
by MisterBill77 March 28, 2007
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every year during march everyone gets mad horny and have sex like rabits!
DUDE! It's march madness, im so gonna do that stilf!!
by stilf lover March 12, 2005
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