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An abbrevation for Total Request Live

A one hour long commercial disguised as a show. Has nothing to do with music, celebrities, or requests. An easy way for Viacom executives to manipulate the minds of the 10-18 yr old masses in order to mold them all into sheep. Viacom is friends with the recording industry, so the 20 seconds of each video on the Top 10 Countdown you see is intended to sell music quickly, hot off the press. This keeps the media companies from losing profits while the economy is bad.
OMG! TRL is on! I can't wait to go to Sam Goody tonight and buy whatever music MTV tells me to. I'm so young, only 14, so I have no frame of reference, sense of history, or idea of how the world operates.
by P.A. July 13, 2005
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Someone who is in touch with all of his/her emotions EXCEPT for the emotion that comes from listening to GOOD music.
The emo kid locked himself in a closet and cried all night, because the music he listened to that evening was bad enough to make someone on their honeymoon want to jump off the hotel balcony.
by P.A. May 12, 2005
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A marketing gimmick created by media companies and advertisers to boost ratings/sales. Nobody cares about college basketball during the regular season, then suddenly everyone on CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX is talking about the tournament. It's all hype, designed so that people will get hooked from the start, then watch til the Final Four and the final winner.
Dude #1: March Madness Baby! March Madness Baby!

Dude #2: Shut up dumbass, I'm trying to watch the Rockets game.
by P.A. March 16, 2005
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Money To Viacom

A brand which was purchased by Viacom in the late 1990s, which was also around the same time MTV's complete identity began to change, leaving viewers feeling alienated from something that was once a big part of their lives. Generation Xers complain and write harsh negative definitions about this brand on urbandictionary, and they are all pretty much accurate. The only reason we don't see huge rebellions against the current MTV is because most Generation Xers are too old to really care anymore, and the younger generation doesn't know any different so they accept it.
Person 1: I want my MTV.

Person 2: Hop into this time machine and I'll transport you back to 1993.
by P.A. March 7, 2005
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A mobile communication device.

Once a status symbol for the upper class, but now a way to identify the teenage children of lower class people.
I went to the movie theater the other day and I felt like I was walking through a cell phone jungle.
by P.A. July 20, 2005
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Big Babe Experience
Big Beautiful Experience

The fulfillment of a guy's fantasy to hook up with a BBW or larger sized girl.
My deviant friend is still talking about how great his BBE was.
by P.A. March 11, 2005
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Marketing Television Too!

MTV's brand for viewers with slightly higher IQs. Through filler and commercials, somehow manages to stretch appx. 5 hours worth of programming into a 24 hour period. With the ailing economy and with Viacom's financial losses, MTV Networks formats this way in order to save money.
I better hurry up and watch MTV2 now before they change the format to Newlyweds 24 hours a day.
by P.A. March 24, 2005
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