Absolutely the most awesome sport on the face of the planet. Nowhere else can you find more heart and soul poured onto a field (court) of play, be it any other collegiate sport, professional, or even recreational. The epitome of effort and desire, of struggle and reward, of upset and smackdown (see University of North Carolina).
some lameass: Hey I love college field hockey, what is your favorite sport? Collegiate or Pro?

tbrew: Are you f*ing kidding me you pulseless jerk-off? College basketball!
by tbrew September 22, 2006
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Super good base for going to NBA afterwards...

LOOK AT LeBron James #23 ! ! !
He has a Nike Contract of 100million$
I mean dude!! Let's all play ball, and get into college, the rest is up to you :)

(too bad i live in belgium and there is no college Bballin :( )
Person X : yo did you see James slam it home yesterday?
Person Y: Fo Sure!! I'm bound to be drafted next season by NBA
Person X: NO way man, where can i sign up for college basketball?
Person Y: *sigh*
by G G G G G G August 17, 2006
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Located in Storrs, Connecticut. Home of the UConn Huskies. When asking a random student from UConn why they chose to attend here, you'll most likely hear the response of "UConn basketball, duh..". On top of that, the women along with the men both consistently beat every other team's ass.
Friend: "Hey man, was thinking of applying to Kentucky or Duke, I heard they have a great basketball program."

Me: "Fuck outta here, have you ever considered the college basketball capital of the world? Those schools are jokes compared to UConn.
by Huskies02 October 3, 2015
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From 1964 to 1973 UCLA won 9 of the 10 National Championships. They defeated 2 of the other 4 Phat 5 programs during the Championship run.

1. 1964, UCLA 98- Duke 83
2. 1968, UCLA 78- UNC 55

* They also defeated ( UK ) Kentucky in 1975. It was the last game coached by John Wooden who won 10 titles in 12 years.

The 1966 National Championship game has been described as the game that changed college basketball. It was the only National Championship not won by UCLA during it's 10 year run. This was also the first time that 5 starting black players ( Texas Western now UTEP, U. of Texas El Paso ) played 5 starting white players ( UK ). The game was won bY Texas Western 72-65. This game is credited for opening the door for black high school stars to be recruited by major white college programs who were reluctant in the past. The ( DUNK )was banned by the NCAA in 1967, the year that Lew Alcindor ( Kareem Abdul Jabbar ) was to start play as a sophmore at UCLA. The ( DUNK ) was allowed back into college basketball in 1976. The last year a Div.1 program ( IU )has gone undefeated for an entire season.
A Phat 5 program played a major role in the growth of black players getting a chance to play on the biggest stage of college basketball.Now that's Dunkadelic!!!!!
by Derrick E. Vaughan April 20, 2005
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Is a basketball slang " nickname " for the 5 winningest college basketball programs in the history of college Division 1 basketball. Kentucky, N. Carolina, UCLA, Kansas, and Duke make up the Phat 5. The Phat 5 are in the Dunkadelic terminology full word or abbreviation. D U N K A D E L I C , Kentucky ( UK ). N. Carolina ( UNC ). U. California Los Angeles ( UCLA ). Kansas ( KU ). Duke ( DUKE ).
N. Carolina added to the Phat 5 winning tradition by beating Illinois to win it's 4 National title. UCLA has more National Championships ( 11 ) than any other Phat 5 program, Kentucky is second with ( 7 ). Now that's Dunkadelic!!!!!
by Derrick E. Vaughan April 5, 2005
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As of the 2004-05 college basketball season the top 3 All-Time most NCAA Tourament wins are by Phat 5 coaches.

1. Mike Krzyzewski-66( Duke ), 66-18
2. Dean Smith-65 ( UNC ), 65-27
3. John Wooden-47 ( UCLA ), 47-10

They are also the top 3 coaches in Final Four appearances.

1. John Wooden ( UCLA )- 12
2. Deam Smith ( UNC )-11
3. Mike Krzyzewski ( Duke )-10

Adolph Rupp ( UK ) is tied for 4th with 6 with Denny Crum ( U. of Louisville ). Crum an assistant coach with John Wooden at ( UCLA ).
The Phat 5 coaches are just as impressive as their players and have been role models to the premiere coaches in the game today. Now that's Dunkadelic!!!!!
by Derrick E. Vaughan April 18, 2005
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The Phat 5 had atleast one of the programs in the Final Four for 17 consecutive years from 1962-1978. The streak was ended by Magic Johnson and Larry Bird in 1979 with their epic battle that was also the rebirth of the NBA. The new sreak is from 1988-2005, 18 consectutive years and counting. There will much anticipation in 2006 to see if the Phat 5 can extend the streak to 19 consecutive Final Fours.
The Phat 5 of College Basketball is the greatest collection of winning teams of All-Time in any sport when you look at the wins, players, champioships, and the history of the programs.
by Derrick E. Vaughan April 8, 2005
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