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Basketball played at the college level. Teams compete for the number 1 ranking during the regular season, and for a spot in "the big dance," or NCAA Tournament, a huge tournament to crown the champion of college basketball. Also home to rowdy, annoying fans, where they do not stop heckling the opposing team, jump up and down while yelling when the other team has the ball, and shouting these obnoxious chants when their team has the ball. Duke is most famous for these antics, along with "the speedo guy." Fans do this to show their love for their team and their passion to see victory.
top college basketball teams include: North Carolina, Duke, UCLA, UConn, Memphis, and defending champion Kansas.
by zuawg March 07, 2009
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Absolutely the most awesome sport on the face of the planet. Nowhere else can you find more heart and soul poured onto a field (court) of play, be it any other collegiate sport, professional, or even recreational. The epitome of effort and desire, of struggle and reward, of upset and smackdown (see University of North Carolina).
some lameass: Hey I love college field hockey, what is your favorite sport? Collegiate or Pro?

tbrew: Are you f*ing kidding me you pulseless jerk-off? College basketball!
by tbrew September 22, 2006
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Super good base for going to NBA afterwards...

LOOK AT LeBron James #23 ! ! !
He has a Nike Contract of 100million$
I mean dude!! Let's all play ball, and get into college, the rest is up to you :)

(too bad i live in belgium and there is no college Bballin :( )
Person X : yo did you see James slam it home yesterday?
Person Y: Fo Sure!! I'm bound to be drafted next season by NBA
Person X: NO way man, where can i sign up for college basketball?
Person Y: *sigh*
by G G G G G G August 17, 2006
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