A humble opinion. Just being humble and saying its worth only two cents.
I think corvette is the hottest non exotic car on the road but thats just my two cents.
by LedVTECin July 25, 2004
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when some obnoxious girl doesn't shut up and she non stop has to put her unnecessary facts in every lecture.
some girl in my psych class keeps putting her 2 cents in every single time the teacher talk plz shut up!!!!!!!
by chadtheman123 February 14, 2017
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A women or man who will do anything you ask of her simply for the attention.... or who even on her best day is only worth 2 cents
She wanted her boyfriend back but he didn't want a 2 cent whore.
by worthmorethanyou January 4, 2010
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1) A girl that you would rate a 2 out of a 10.
2) A girl that instead of being a dime is worth 2 cents.
Joey don't be bringin no drunk ass 2 cents hos up here with you.
Man, I wouldn't touch that 2 cent ho if you payed my ass.

by J Reeze February 20, 2006
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A Hyperbole that mocks something that is cheap. This phrase isn't used very often and isn't meant to be taken literally.
Ex. 1: Wow, that is a 2 Cent car!

Ex. 2: This guy gave me 2 Cent!
by ukoT December 22, 2021
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