A phrase used by feminists to try to turn the unpleasant but universal behavior of interrupting into a gendered issue.
James: Sarah, you have been talking for a half hour straight. Let s...
Sarah: Oh my god, don't you dare try manterrupting me!
by Men's Rights Edinburgh September 29, 2016
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When a woman is interrupted by a man and naturally realizes the only possible reason for this could be gender discrimination.
"John keeps manterrupting me! It can only be because I'm a woman."
by SnarkAttack!!! September 29, 2016
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Another clumsy and childish portmanteau word invented by feminists who are too lazy to actually change society for the better in any meaningful way.
Feminist: Excuse me, but I don't like people manterrupting me.
Human: I 'm sorry, but I thought you were just doing an impression of an electrocuted cat.
by Max Biggins September 28, 2016
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A type of gendered bullying, akin to mansplaining, in which a man continuously interrupts a woman or women in order to dominate a conversation and quieten, silence, discredit or reduce the agency of the woman or women with whom he's conversing.
I tried explaining to Dick how the debugger works, but he kept manterrupting me with his inane bullshit
by analturing November 30, 2016
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Occurs when a man interrupts a woman to 'educate' her on a topic because he believes she isn't capable of understanding it, or knowing about it previously.
Janet- I'm literally majoring in Engineering, and this guy was manterrupting me to try and tell me what I already knew about it.
by witchwatch December 4, 2016
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When a man interrupts a woman just for sake of mansplaining, or to interrupt and blame what they are doing based on solely the fact that the person talking is a woman
Woman- "You see, thats why the wage gap--"
Man- "The wage gap isn't real"
Woman- "You can see by many articles that it clearly is--"
Man- "Stupid women just want to be paid more for jobs they obviously can't do"
Woman- "Stop manterrupting me idiot"
by Pseudonym king October 12, 2016
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The act of interruption by a man ,when a woman is speaking , can be due to sexist reasons...
Hillary:And that's how we...

Don Trump:No!

Hillary:What are you tryin...

Don Trump: No!

Hillary: Don't you try manterrupting...

Don: No!
by Gugs used to be my bro...:-( October 7, 2016
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