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A person who claims to want "equal rights" for women, but actually just wants the law to favor women.

Thank feminists for:
-Men being drafted in the military at times of serious war, while females are allowed to join yet are not required
-Violence against men being taken less seriously than violence against women
-Violence against men is seen as humorous in popular culture (If TV depicts a man getting kneed in the groin, It is funny, whereas a female getting hurt is considered serious and never funny)
-Frequent assumption of female innocence in court
-Frequent dismissal of female-on-male rape cases
-Unjust child custody laws
-Laws like the "Violence against women act" -Rape shield laws
-Women are allowed to marry at a younger age than men in some states
-Men pay higher premiums for auto, life and other insurance, though discrimination according to race or other criteria is prohibited
-Bias in health concerns; for example, more advertisements and awareness for breast cancer than prostate cancer, though both cancers kill approximately the same number of people each year
-Harder physical entrance criteria for men in many occupations, such as the army, police and fire service. Requiring men to be physically stronger than women in these occupations leaves men responsible for a greater share of the physical work, for no more pay
-Men serving more time in jail than women for the same crimes
It's too bad women are being misrepresented by feminists these days.
by watto17 January 08, 2010
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1. A woman who turns a relationship with a bad father or husband into a political agenda, seeking not equality, but revenge.

2. A woman who decries the supposed misogyny of men by bashing everything masculine in sight.

3. An obsequious man, who parrots whatever he thinks will earn the approval and attention of women.

4. All of the above.
Margie attended the feminist rally, then put her son on ritalin and bad mouthed his father till the boy hated him.
by TheHappyMisogynist April 21, 2009
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A feminist is:
!. Thinks only their opinion counts.

2. Always blames men and "nonprogressive" women for their mistakes and problems. .
3. Is always loud and bragging about how progressive and smart she is.

4. Is the biggest hypocrite in the world.
Sarah is a feminist, she sends nudes and porn of herself all over school to get attention and then complains that guys look at her as a sex object.
by oceancats May 20, 2017
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90% are cunts who claim to be for equal rights, but in reality they want to be treated equal to men but only want the pros and don't want the cons like equal jail time, being forced into military jobs or being hit back when hitting a man.

They claim MRA men's rights activists are all rapist white males who are a cancer to society. Even though many single mothers or any woman for that matter support MRA's. They don't source their "facts" and don't support male movements. There's a huge majority of homeless men over females but that's not relevant to them. Or the casualtys of men over women in war. They can't accept that they are privileged in society.

They want to be treated as queens by men paying for dinner, child support and then claim to want the same bonuses of being a man like being payed better for better work.

Search on urban dictionary for feminist and they will say something about men being cocksuckers, search MRA and it will also say men are cock suckers.

Men's rights activists are all for equality, but if you want to act like men you need to be treated as such. And if you hit me I have the EQUAL RIGHT to hit you back.
Man: I'm breaking up with you
Woman: you dick, Im going to kill you *grabs knife*
Man: *blocks attack and hits her to be able to run, then hides in car to call cops*
*cops show up*
*arests man for domestic abuse*

*male and female go to court to see who will have rights to the child*
Jury: who has the vagina?
Woman: *raises hand* Jury: we have come to the agreement that she will have full rights.

Ray rice Baltimore Ravens player kicked out of nfl for defending himself in an elevator against his fiancée.
World: wow he's not a real man hitting a defenceless woman" (even though feminist claim to be as strong)
Hope solo a USA goalkeeper in soccer beats the crap out of a male family member and others. He didn't attack back.
World: wow that guy got the shit beaten out of him by a woman? What a pussy.
Nothing happens to her and she is loved and adored by millions.

Girls doing porn are praised for taking control of their sex life and making money. But where does the money come from? Oh perverted virgins and repeats that are all males, according to feminist logic.

Underage female student and male teacher have intercourse, both are consenting.
Feminist: he's a sick pig and should have his dick chopped off and put in jail for life.

Underage male student and female teacher have consented intercourse.
feminist: he is a percerted teen and oviously wanted it. He'd be a fag if he didn't.
Both are crimes but the female always is let off the hook.
let the dislikes roll in.
by DoubleStandardsEverywhere November 12, 2014
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A Feminist can be defined as a woman who is too functionally retarded(slow) to understand the the basic roles which have been biologically programmed into every mammal over the course of billions of years of evolutionary perfection. According to Feminists, nature is sexist and discriminatory towards women because evolution has given them the role of a nurturer instead of a provider(such as men). The most common cause of feminism is the lack of a strong father figure while growing up, which then leads to confusion in terms of their gender orientated roles(ie. father didn't directly provide for the child because mommy left him). Another cause for Feminism is social pressure, as Feminism has become the norm in most of North America and Europe. Due to this peer pressure, women who grew up in strong, healthy families are shunned by those who have grown up in broken families, until they too behave in such a manner (Misandric).

This leads to the great question: "Who is oppressing who?" could it be possible that women are oppressing their own gender?

The common Feminist can be misleading, especially the educated feminist who grew up in a privileged family(The hipster Feminist). While they wage war on men, they claim they want "equality".

Which leads to the next question: "In Western society, in which way is a female not equal to a man?".

Perhaps they are more privileged than men? Maybe they have huge social, political, legal, and financial advantages over men?
Gender orientated roles:

In all species of mammals, the female raises their offspring and feeds them breast milk, that's just their natural roles.

Lets look at wolves. Everybody loves wolves, right?

While the female is pregnant with it's offspring, she takes shelter in her den and rests while the male goes out to hunt for food and protect the den from outside threats, such as other wolves, raccoons, etc.

After the female has given birth, she stays with the pups for many months only leaving occasionally to drink water or hunt small pray such as mice, while the male continues to provide for the family and protect them.

Now we have women here(feminists), who believe these roles that have been biological programmed into every mammal is sexist, and they believe they can just change nature to their likings. They want to be exactly identical to men, if not superior(quite a few mentally + emotionally unstable womenfeminists have come up with very sadistic and twisted "solutions" for this "problem").
by the_mind_is_matter August 30, 2012
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Feminists are mainly self obsessed fascists, who believe the only way to advance humans is to destroy men, families and most importantly good women.

They also believe that men today should be held responsible for what one man did 10,000 years ago. Because we all know they must be the same person. And want men to beat up other men for no reason.

Note: Feminists are unfortunately not limited to one sex.

Also called children, misandrists and generally stupid.
Male Brain: KNOWLEDGE!

Female Brain: KNOWLEDGE!

Feminist Brain: Fasc-iiiiammmm... insert 50 cents to restart the hate machine 9000...
by Feminist Lover! October 09, 2011
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They say they want equality for both men and women but really they want is supremacy over men. They also pass laws like Vawa . Violence Against Women Act discriminates against men by taking a woman's side during a dispute and label men as the victimizers and the women as the victims.They have set up shop in domestic violence shelters where they promote divorce, marriage breakup, hatred of men, and false accusations. They also have funding for women.Yup over one billion tax dollars are going to these hypocrites. Anyways I can go on and on with they're hypocrisy but i stop it at that.
Feminists want to be treated like a lady yet equal which is having your cake and eat it too.They would say nonsense stuff like a gentleman should treat people with respect even if they don't deserve it or not, which means they're saying men to treat them as equal even though they're different than men and claiming to be equal.Why they say gentlmen well because they want men to give them special treatments.
by Why do people do these things? October 24, 2012
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