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They say they want equality for both men and women but really they want is supremacy over men. They also pass laws like Vawa . Violence Against Women Act discriminates against men by taking a woman's side during a dispute and label men as the victimizers and the women as the victims.They have set up shop in domestic violence shelters where they promote divorce, marriage breakup, hatred of men, and false accusations. They also have funding for women.Yup over one billion tax dollars are going to these hypocrites. Anyways I can go on and on with they're hypocrisy but i stop it at that.
Feminists want to be treated like a lady yet equal which is having your cake and eat it too.They would say nonsense stuff like a gentleman should treat people with respect even if they don't deserve it or not, which means they're saying men to treat them as equal even though they're different than men and claiming to be equal.Why they say gentlmen well because they want men to give them special treatments.
by Why do people do these things? October 24, 2012
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1. A woman who turns a relationship with a bad father or husband into a political agenda, seeking not equality, but revenge.

2. A woman who decries the supposed misogyny of men by bashing everything masculine in sight.

3. An obsequious man, who parrots whatever he thinks will earn the approval and attention of women.

4. All of the above.
Margie attended the feminist rally, then put her son on ritalin and bad mouthed his father till the boy hated him.
by TheHappyMisogynist April 21, 2009
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A person, usually but not necessarily of female gender, indoctrinated to find fault in everything a male does whilst believing all females can do no wrong. Feminists will use any lies, deceit, dubious statistics, manipulation, aggression and threats to eliminate any sense of fairness, justice or decency to men (or boys) irrespective of creed, ethnic background or colour. This includes an aim of eradicating traditional family values, ensuring children are deprived of all contact with their father wherever possible, and to dictate to the majority of truly sensible feminine woman what they can and cannot do with their life.
by John Henry BA BSc July 22, 2003
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A sexist, male hating individual, solely concerned with female supremacy and the denigration of all males and boys. A compulsive neurotic individual that claims positive discrimination is not sexist or dicrimnation against one half society.
Sufferers from severe cognitive dissonace while overdosing on "female Victimhoof Complex".
Condems any action taken by any male as being sexist, mysogynistic while they practise precisely the same methods.

A male hater of the first degree.
Feminists hate all men.
Feminists only promote female issues while they claim to be for equality.
A feminist condemns anyone and everyone who does not possess a vagina.
by Christianj162000. November 25, 2011
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A total bitch that that thinks she deserves all the perks of a man but without the responsibilities. A fat dyke bitch on her period that doesn't want to admit that it's harder in a man's world.
Dude: I'm a dude. I have a descent job that pays pretty good. I worked hard in school, and studied alot to earn this position. I had to make alot of setbacks to get a descen education, and to go to school. It was a long, hard few years, but I am very happy with how my life is now.
Feminist cunt nazi bitch: I'm a feminist. I don't stop complaining. My whole life I used liberal guilt to get the things I want. I have afancy car because I got it cheaper after calling the dealer sexist because I didn't have enough money. I got a job when, even though the person I was in competition with was more competent and had better credentials (who happened to be a man); I called my employer a sexist for hiring a man. I got a doctorate at Harvard 'cause I called the dean sexist for not letting me into the school, and sued him for 100,000 dollars, and won. I used the settlement to go to Havard. Even though I was horribly underqualified. I got straight A's all my 12 years because I threatened to start a lawsuit against my teachers.
by Colin H. Christ July 10, 2008
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A feminist is:
!. Thinks only their opinion counts.

2. Always blames men and "nonprogressive" women for their mistakes and problems. .
3. Is always loud and bragging about how progressive and smart she is.

4. Is the biggest hypocrite in the world.
Sarah is a feminist, she sends nudes and porn of herself all over school to get attention and then complains that guys look at her as a sex object.
by oceancats May 20, 2017
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a delusional hypocrite who sticks their head up their arse in the name of "equality"
She identified as a feminist, which is why she was opposed to a gender-neutral ideology.
by Keeper of the Memes February 19, 2015
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