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When an author/director/etc. gives hints, and clever twists to paint a character as possibly being queer, to satisfy queer audiences, but never outright says they are so they can keep their heterosexual audience.
June- I love watching Supernatural! Dean and Castiel are ABSOLUTELY gay!
Micheal- But they never said they were, and cast and director haven't said they were either.
June- Yeah, but they totally act gay!
Micheal- Sounds like they're queer baiting you, so you'll continue to watch.
by witchwatch December 05, 2016

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Occurs when a man interrupts a woman to 'educate' her on a topic because he believes she isn't capable of understanding it, or knowing about it previously.
Janet- I'm literally majoring in Engineering, and this guy was manterrupting me to try and tell me what I already knew about it.
by witchwatch December 04, 2016

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When an author pretends, or claims a character is gay without actually having the character be gay. Often associated with queer baiting.
Minna- Hey, so are any of your characters ACTUALLY gay?
John- My character Donald is gay!
Minna- Yeah, but there's no indication in your book that he is, no hints, no mentions. Let me guess, he's Dumbledore gay.
by witchwatch December 05, 2016

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