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the word originally means 'charcoal-pan' in Bulgarian. the modern meaning, however, is quite different- with the word mangal people refer to gypsies and their pleasant black/grown skin color and nuances
"shti e*a maikata be, mangal", quite similar in meaning to the american 'fuck yo mamma yo niggah' but since there are hardly any afroamericans in bulgaria, the famous world-wide swear is adjusted to the specific geographical and ethnic characteristics of the country..
by kashkaval cheese April 08, 2005
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quite uncivilized humanoid life form that mainly depends on prostitution, drug-dealing and robbing, very common in the bolkan lands. it parasites around large cities, bringing a lot of diseases and trash with it
look at this dirty mangal trying to steal the lady's bag! let's kick the shit uot of it..
by a_killah July 08, 2006
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Comes from Bulogaria. Back-skined human ( or something like human) , something like gipsy , but not the same. They start sex life at very early ages (about 11-12 years old, when they are 15 have children) . Don't go to school, refuse to pay the bill for water or electricity, very often they steel money. They produce music called chalga which is very popular in the Bolcans.

This man there is mangal. Kill him
by Ico Panayotov June 02, 2006
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This means gipsey and its offensive. It is greatly used in Bulgaria.
Hey, officer, this God damn't mangal stole my car!
by SunnyFlame September 01, 2005
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