The act of shaving your balls, keeping it in your hand pouring glue on your hand then slapping a female after nutting
Bro i gave her a wooly mammoth and my but was even more intense
by Big d113 June 21, 2018
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When a guy shaves his pubes and all the hair gets stuck to his dick.
Person 1:OMG bro, i shaved my pubes yesterday and I got a total Wooly Mammoth!!

Person 2: Why the fuck would would you tell me that.
by smokingsbadmkay October 29, 2011
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when u sit on someones face while they are sleeping and fart, making your butt hairs trumpet in their face.
"Dude, my upper lip has a rash from that wooly mammoth you gave me last night!"
by skullkrack November 22, 2011
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