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Caring, cute, nice.
Yvonne has an amazing personality, smile, voice, everything. She is basically human perfection. She makes your day better and is a blast to be around.
by reilly’s August 17, 2018
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Damn, this girl is hot, intelligent, fierce and overall amazing. she's a great friend so shouldn't be messed around. Her existence makes your day so much better and life is more exciting with this girl.
person 1: I'm so bored

Person 2: OMD go get yourself an Yvonne, she makes life so exciting
by ravensnow December 10, 2016
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Yvonne is a female given name meaning archer. Yvonne is also the type of girl to hug you and tell you she loves you alot, but behind that cute softie is a kinky kinky girl who loves to "play" no one knows her true colors until you really get to know her. But until then, she's a softie!
aye Yvonne, is you trynna fuck?
- No I'm soft!
by INJAJAYA December 19, 2017
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Latina , Sexy Girl , Great Role Model . Ambicious and Great in bed.
A bad ass motherfucker who who won't take no shit off of nobody.
A Fly, Crazy, Fresh, Princess, Beautiful, Gangster, Diva, Fun, Irritating, Badass, Playertastic, Indescribable; Young lady who always looks her best.

Not many can handle her. But always wanna try.
Someone who is talked about, on a regular basis. She gives no fuckkk.

She knows what she deserves and won't settle for anything less.

Most often misunderstood.

She is bold and is capable of anything. Regardless of her bold nature, she is often secretive, but is always observing behind her withdrawn manner.

She can be argumentative and pack a powerful sting, but that’s simply because she see all opposition as a healthy challenge.
Did you just do an Yvonne??

Caring and secretive Yvonne.

Be bold like Yvonne..

Yvonne gives no fuckkkkkkk..
by FrEaKnEsS4U February 03, 2010
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A sexy, beautiful, extremely intelligent North-Side Latina that is loving, caring, giving and compassionate.

With an overly aggressive impatient driving attitude that will honk at other driver's on the road, get out of the car, flip you off, shout out profanity and add's a new definition to Road Rage.

When push comes to shove doesn't take crap from no one. Known for knocking out females and on occasion; a dude or two.

If she says she wants it...she goes and gets what she wants...(D.J. Raw Ba$$ 1994)

Makes the best home made enchiladas below HEAVEN. can play bingo like nobody's business, provides housing, meals and clothing for those in need.......and Best Of All -Breathless Between the Sheets!!!
by Raw Bass October 11, 2016
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She is the best girl you will ever meet, and she knows how to make you blush beyond mortal comprehension, she can also be found in a state of hug, and cuddle depravation.
Yvonne is the best!
by Sevonne July 30, 2018
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